Our Recruitment Process for our constantly growing and developing organization includes the process of selection and placement of candidates appropriate to our Institutional culture and our core, functional and leadership competencies. Our most important goal in this process is to train our future leaders.

Our candidates start with the application of our general or specific position announcements. In the other stages, the candidates will go through the preliminary evaluation process by the Talent Team.

The candidates who passed the preliminary evaluation process, they go through all or part of the following processes according to their suitability.

Our candidates who have successfully completed all these stages take job offers by our Human Resources team.

We are inviting you to Cryocan if you are ready to be a part of this delightful and dynamic team to share the excitement and to move Cryocan to the future.

Career at Cryocan

Our Open Positions

To see our open positions in Cryocan, click on the link below to create a profile in our system, you can apply for our ads, or you can save our advertisements for later reference. You can also join the system to join the general candidate pool.

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