Manufacture in association with EN13445, ASME (U Stamp) and AD 2000 CODE standards, along with the regulation of the 2014/68 / EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

Selection of size and anchor according to earthquake and wind load calculations made in association with standards

Support / leg design to ensure convenient transportation

User-friendly design in minimum operating period

High quality paint application by using oven-drying

Non-destructive inspection methods in accordance with standards (Radiographic test, Penetrant test, Magnetic Particle Test, etc.)

Manufacture of adsorber, gas storage, water extraction tanks used in air-separation plants

In air-separation plants, adsorber tanks are used to remove CO2, moisture and any other unwanted substances from the air by using the Molecular Sieve System (adsorber tanks)

Gas storage tanks are used on the purpose of storing the nitrogen, argon and oxygen of the gaseous phase obtained in air-releasing plants

Design Code: ASME SECTION VIII DIV.1 or AD 2000 CODE, EN 13445
Design Pressure: Adsorber 0.8 barg
Gas Tank 0.7 barg
Water Extraction Atmospheric
Design Temperature: Adsorber 100 °C
Gas Tank 100 °C
Water extraction 100 °C
Corrosion Share: Adsorber 1.5 mm
Gas Tank 1.5 mm
Water Separation 2 mm
Material: Carbon Steel ASTM A516 Grade 70 or P355GH