• ADR certified to 2014/68 / EU Portable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED)

• In association with EN14025 design standard or with ASME (U Stamp)

• Selection of equipment and accessories appropriate to liquefied anhydrous ammonia

• Designed to ensure the maximum carrying capacity according to ADR and Land transport weight limits

• User-friendly design minimum operating period

• High quality paint application by using oven-drying

• Non-destructive inspection methods in accordance with standards (Radiographic test, Penetrant test, Magnetic Particle Test, etc.)

• Sheet selection and normalization processes in accordance with liquefied anhydrous ammonia

• Thermally insulated non-insulated design according to ADR

• Tank design according to hermetic or non-hermetic tank classes

Design Standarts: EN14025 or ASME SECTION VIII DIV.1
Design Pressure (ADR): 26 bar with thermal insulation 29 bar without thermal insulation
Design Temperature: -40 °C / + 50 °C
Material: Carbon Steel P460NL1 or NL2 P355NL1 or NL2 ASTM A516 Grade 70
Safety System: None / Hermatik