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1.A. As the inspection center authorized by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications and TSE; Testing and inspection services of tank, tanker and containers carrying hazardous material according to ADR legislation.
  • Examination of documents
  • Check of the design characteristics
  • Inspection of the tank interior
  • Inspection of the tank exterior
  • Hydraulic pressure test
  • Vacuum testing
  • Leakproofness test
  • Mechanical tests
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Test report, certification and marking
  • As a result of the checks and tests made, the local authority TSE (Intermediate or Periodic Examination Certificate) is issued.
1.B. EN 12817 & EN 12819 & EN 21009-2 etc. testing and inspection services for pressure or non-pressurized tanks operating in accordance with standards.
  • Visual inspection of tanks and equipment.
  • Functional testing of valves and other accessories.
  • Leakage control
  • Vacuum measurement
  • Assessment of any changes in the installation and operating conditions of the environment
  • Safety valves are dismantled to check on / off pressures
  • In case of a request for control and tests made, the accredited organization supervision and periodic control report
1.C. Lifetime asessments

Cryocan engineering team work together to study the life cycle of the equipment, on the basis of units and plants, taking into account the relevant damage mechanisms.In industrial plants, loads (pressure, vibration, etc.) and operating conditions (temperature, corrosive environment, etc.) are exposed to fatigue and damage during equipment life.

On the basis of the equipment, the risk assessments and the possible damage mechanisms are examined and the control calculations and life calculations are made and reported. Lifetime determinations are mainly applied to waste heat boilers, steam lines, static equipment operating under high temperature and pressure in power plants. Damage mechanisms to be considered;;

  • Thermal Fatigue
  • Thermo Mechanical Fatigue
  • Wear and Corrosion
  • Creep
  • Thermal Aging
1.D. Electrical System Controls

The safety measures that are not taken in the equipment and equipment which are operated by electricity cause the loss of life and property.

The periodical control and tests of the electrical equipment and installations in order to ensure the safe and continuous use of the electrical installations and systems, Should be done.

Our Cryocan technical service team performs periodic checks with our Electrical Engineers in this area and corrects problems with the necessary corrective actions in case of inconvenience.

  • Electrical Installation Compliance Controls
  • Grounding Measurements
  • Lightning Rod Installation Measurements
  • Cathodic Protection Measures
  • Electric Panels Thermal Camera Measurements
  • Stray Current Relay Controls
1.E. Paint and Coating Inspection Services

Coating, paint checks and error analyzes conducted by Cryocan technical service team ensure that your assets are protected and that future corrosion-resistant lines are avoided.

Controls are carried out with our NACE certified Level 2 personnel and our calibrated dye control devices. The errors during the control are done in the analysis and the result is also reported by our paint specialists in relation to the result.

  • Post-paint coating thickness, hardness, durability and color tests
  • Pre-paint surface checks
  • Paint application supervision
  • Paint damage checks and analyzes
  • Holiday tests


2.A. Equipment Maintenance

Cryocan technical service team LNG, LPG, LIN, LAR, LOX, LCO2, FUEL OIL, NH3 and so on. Storage tanks, chemical plants, and storage tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines, heat exchangers, steam boilers, waste heat boilers, etc. in the mining facilities.

Maintenance may include inspection activities, analyzes, tests, sourced repair and overhaul activities. We undertake and manage all processes on a turnkey basis.

  • Welded Repair Activities
  • Head and Shell Repair
  • Manhole and Nozzle Revisions
  • Line Repair Activities
  • Spool Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Leak Repair
  • Vacuum Measurement and Vacuum Process
  • Calibration of measuring instruments
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Thickness Measurements
  • Sandblasting & Painting
2.B. Valve Testing And Maintenance

As Cryocan technical service team, we carry out the periodic testing and maintenance of the safety valves and pressure vacuuming vents which are used to protect the equipment pipeline under internal pressure by vacuum.

The maintenance activities are certified with the participation of the surveillance companies if requested. In addition to the maintenance certificate, surveillance firms are given testimony certificates at the end of the work to our customers.

The difference we have with Cryocan is that only the tests of the valves should be carried out by carrying out repair activities in the areas of possible leakage and operation. Main activities are described below.

Safety Valves ;

  • Dismantling and Cleaning Activities
  • Control of seating surfaces and repair
  • Spring mechanism corrosion and fatigue checks
  • Leak tests and set pressure applications
  • Marking and painting

Pressure Vacuum Valves;

  • Dismantling and Cleaning Activities
  • Weight controls
  • Set value controls
  • Labeling and painting


  • Dismantling and Cleaning Activities
  • Control of seating surfaces and repair
  • Functionality Tests