• Manufacture in association with EN13445, ASME (U Stamp) and AD 2000 CODE standards, along with the regulation of the 2014/68 / EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

• Selection of size and anchor according to earthquake and wind load calculations made in accordance with the standards

• Support / leg design to ensure convenient transportation

• High quality paint application by using oven-drying

• Non-destructive inspection methods in accordance with standards, (Radiographic Test, Penetrant Test, Magnetic Particle Test, etc.)

• Seperator Tanks; In geothermal power generation plants, energy extracted from underground resources and the heatloaded fluid first comes to the separator, and then the flow of solid particles is separated from the process, or the flash vapor method to separate the liquid and vapor phases in the fluid

• Accumulation Tanks are pressure liquid storage tanks used to meet steam or hot water interim storage needs in various industrial processes, geothermal power generation plants and In hot water usage applications

• N-Pentane Tanks are gas storage tanks used for the N-pentane gas storage needed in industrial plants and geothermal power generation plants

CCSTR120GEO120 m³
15000 mm
3610 mm
3880 mm
11000 mm
2950 mm
3360 mm
11200 mm
2000 mm
2050 mm
Design Standarts: ASME SECTION VIII DIV.1 or AD 2000 CODE, EN 13445
Design Pressure: N-Pentan 8,3 barg - Accumulator 15,2 barg - Seperator 15,2 barg
Design Temperature: N-Pentan 120 °C - Accumulator 204 °C - Separator 204 °C
Corrosion Allowance: N-Pentan 1.5 mm - Accumulator 3 mm - Seperator 3 mm
Material: Carbon Steel ASTM A516 Grade 70 or P355GH
Flange Class: N-Pentan ANSI 150LB - Accumulator ANSI 300LB - Separator ANSI 300LB