Human Resources Management

Our employees are the ones who are:

Qualified for Cryocan values,





Carries developmental abilities,

Adopts to a high productive culture,

Can manage crises and flip flops,

Stands up against difficulties,

Creates values together with team members,

Multi skilled and adapts to all sorts of situations at work and life,

We aim the individuals who can become a part of the global world.

In line with this goal, the aim of Human Resources management is to develop sustainable Human Resources Strategies that create value and putting them into corresponding practices.

As Cryocan prepares for Vision 2025, we are aware of the importance of working with a "Strong" team of competent individuals.To fulfill this purposeful mission, since October 2016, we have commenced our "Talent Management" project in recruitment to pick out the right talents to our organization, to support and develop our existing talents and to train the potential trainees as futuristic substitutes in the close cooperation with Mr. Ufuk Batum and DISC Academy training and consultancy, which comes along the way day by day.