Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated management system policy for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety

To support and work to adapt to organizational commitments of CAN Group and to pass on the below- mentioned basic principles to everyone as a joint responsibility.

- To consolidating the idea of having the organizational structure of being entrepreneur, leader, development- focused, institutionalized inside the sector which we have been operating.

- Management systems compatible with international standards, production standards and compliance obligations are used in line with the objectives and relevant targets of CRYOCAN.

- To take and improve the necessary measures for an integrated management systems and our customers. Customer-oriented service, corporate social responsibility understanding, establishing reliable and respectable relations within the organization.

- To ensure achieving continuous customer satisfaction and improvements through effective management, interactional rules and training opportunities, conscious contribution of employees to meet and exceed customer expectation in all products and services in a timely manner and high efficient way.

- Innovation capability, reliability and open and dynamic behavior are the fundamental values of our company to identify customer requirements and lay the foundations for outstanding products and the process of continual improvement.

- To realize the targets and the prevalence of continuous development with a process-oriented perspective in business and resource management.

- All employees and management staff undertake to comply with the applicable legal requirements and regulations, preserve resources and the environment and achieve working conditions that promote the minimization of using natural resources and avoidance of work-related injuries and illnesses.

- To ensure continuous improvement of the integrated management system for increasing the quality, environment, and performance of each area possible.

- Determining the environmental conditions and identifying dangers, threatens and harms on site and in region, to remove the harms from the environment or to reduce it.

- Minimizing the pollution and the waste amount and providing the reconditioning and recycling of the hazardous wastes by ensuring the vitiation of their impact to the environment.

- To provide continuous training to employees and subcontractors and to encourage these principles to be implemented.

- To set goals and targets in compliance with this direction and explain the progress by observing each year.

- To comply with the compliance obligations and to provide updates.

- To measure and evaluate the performance of the Quality Management System (QMS), Environmental Management System (EMS), Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) and Integrated Management System (IMS) to improve it regularly.

- To ensure that all our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders undertake to comply with OHS and the principles of environmental policy.

- Regular evaluation of processes with key performance indicators and the definition of objectives support this approach over the long term.

- These principles will be announced to the public by means of communication and will be open to public opinion.

- Management will serve as a binding guide for all employees to ensure quality-consciousness, customer- orientation and responsible action which will provide continuous improvement of the integrated system management system to increase the quality, environment, occupational health and safety and productivity.

General Manager