Quality Policy

Quality policy specifies quantitative (numerical and definite deadline) quality targets supporting policy in the Review of Quality System Meetings of the Management, by announcing all personnel via trainings and wallboards.

It is to operate within the scope of CAN GROUP commitments and to carry into effect the main principles below as common responsibility of everyone:

In the sector we provide service; to have the structure of entrepreneur, leader, focused on improvement, corporate company.

To provide utilizing a quality management system effectively in compliance with international standards, Manufacturing standards and legislative requirements in line with purposes and targets of CRYOCAN.

To improve our system and processes continuously also based on the customer expectations with the consideration of total quality management. To establish customer-focused service, corporate-societal sense of responsibility, reliable and prestigious relationships in house and out of the corporation. To be the leader and to build the future.

To supply and maintain all requirements of the customers in time and with high efficiency in all products and services by conscious attendance of the employees that benefit from effective management, communication and education opportunities.

To manufacture quality and continuous new products to respond the needs of the customers.

We will pursue to utilize the natural resources at the very least, to prevent contamination, to reduce our wastes, to avoid injuries and health impairments in all the activities we perform.

Quality Policy of CRYOCAN has been established in order to carry out the conditions and customer needs of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System standards, to be planned and developed with other management functions, to establish and maintain effective and adequate quality system and it is reviewed with certain periods.

CRYOCAN provides Quality Policy as a written document with the purpose of transferring the responsibilities and authorizations of the management to all personnel clearly and providing it to be easily accessible.

All personnel, especially newly-hired ones, are trained about CRYOCAN Quality Policy and encouraged in order to provide their supports and contributions to apply the principles, to maintain and to develop the system.