Sgmmns (s) 40'

Our TSI approved 4 axle Sgmmns(s) type wagon has an axle load of 22,5 tons. The platform type wagon is designed for intermodal container transportation and is suitable for 100 km/h brake regime.

It can be loaded with 20', 30’ or 40' containers and swap bodies and with a total load capacity of approximately 73,8 t. The total weight of the wagon, including its tare and maximum load, is 90 t.

Series 1 freight containers – 1CX, 1C, 1CC, 1BX, 1B, 1BB, 1AX, 1A, 1AA

The wagon design meets the requirements of TSI, EN, UIC standards and has TEN GE marking for traffic operation.

Type standard design: Sgmmns(s)Distance between bogie pivots: 8.000 mm
Tare: 16,2 t + %2Loading height: 1.155 mm
Axle load: 20’ Gauge: G1
Max. load : 73,8 tClimate condition: T1
Track gauge : 1.435 mmBrake: KE-GP-A(K) / CFCB / MH-GP-A(K) / IBB 10
Length buffer to buffer: 13.540 mmBrake regime: S (100 km/h) / SS (120 km/h)
Loading length: 12.300 mm Minimal curve radius (single wagon)R 75 m
Ferry ramp angle: 2˚30’ – R 150 m Buffer typeCat A 105 mm, 40 kJ (EN15551) Elastomeric Springs
Draw gear: 1500 kN (EN 15566) Draw hook1500 kN (EN 15566)
Screw coupling: 1350 kN screw copling (EN 15566) Container pins12 folding and 4 fixed, total 16 (Spigot) ISO
End Step: 2 Folding retractable handles UIC 535-2